All of us enjoy coming home to a cool refreshing house during the summer humidity and heat. However, not everyone is fortunate to have a central air conditioning system, many individuals resort to window units. Even if there aren’t many places at your home to accommodate a window unit, you can still manage to enjoy the coolness of an air-conditioning unit with that of a split system.

What is a Split System Air Conditioning

In case you’re wondering what is a split unit, well, split unit air conditioners consist of two main parts being the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Outdoor units are typically placed near or on a wall on the outside of the are you are seeking to cool. This unit is composed of a condenser coil, the expansion coil or in some cases capillary tubing and of course the condenser. And, the indoor unit holds a long blower, the cooling coil and an air filter.

When compared to other units, split units do not require any long or complicated installation. This is simply due to the fact that they do not need a duct system in place. Instead, they just simply need both the outdoor and indoor units to be connected to your electric supply. In turn, this not only saves you some extra money but it also has an impact on the environment.

As we previously mentioned that there is no need for a duct system, well, this reduces your cost when it comes to high energy consumptions. This is mainly due to traditional units losing a significant amount of energy as a result of the heat exchange which occurs within the duct system. So, since you would potentially not have one if you installed a split unit, your heat losses are minimal.

There are also several benefits associated with the use of a split air conditioning system. The most common is that of the almost silent operation of the system. When this system is in use, the only noise heard comes from the fan and the compressor, and, both of these components are located outside the space being cooled, so no noise is heard from the inside. In addition, you can actually get a multi-split system, these are those where you have multiple indoor units which are connected to the same outdoor unit; because of this, you can therefore cool multiple rooms or even maintain the temp in one large room with multiple indoor units.

As we conclude we have just looked at what exactly is a split air-conditioning system. And, have also looked at the benefits of this particular system. In addition to these benefits, this system saves you more money in the long run.

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