Many homeowners are often faced with a dilemma when making the choice on the roofing material to use for their home. Knowing the material to use for a durable and beautiful roof is vital. Slate roofs are still one of the most popular options used on residential and commercial properties. A slate roof is made of stone that comes from sedimentary rock which is then cut into shingles. Slate roofing has been considered the gold standard and its benefits are plenty.

benefits of slate roofs

1. Extremely durable

Everyone wants a durable roof and slate roofs guarantee that. Their lifespan is approximated at 100 to 125 years if maintained well. Slate is a homogeneous metamorphic rock extracted from sedimentary rock therefore the material is millions of years old. The material is tough and thus you can expect slate roofs to last over the long haul.

2. Beautiful
A properly done slate roof is a stunning thing to behold. Most people are actually attracted to slate due to its high aesthetic appeal. Natural slate is available in shades such as green, black, purple etc. In addition, slate roofs come in varying styles ranging from textural installations to mixed patterns. Slate is also available in various multi-dimensional shapes. A combination of different shapes, colors and textures to match your architectural style and exterior color palette brings out an eye catching contemporary design.

3. Requires little maintenance

The cost of maintaining slate roofs is minimal. They require little care after installation. Any tile that gets damaged or broken can be replaced or repaired.

4. Eco-friendly
Roofing waste forms a substantial part of waste sent to landfills every year. For instance asphalt requires replacing after a couple of decades. Waste is reduced by choosing slate due to its longer lifespan. Slate roofs are sustainable and do not come at the expense of the environment.

5. Withstand the elements
Slate roofs are hugely resilient when faced by extreme fire or water. Due its low water absorption rate slate is not affected by rains. Slate tiles are fireproof and will not catch fire. Slate roofs do not rot over time, furthermore insects cannot cause serious damage on them.

Slate roofs are one of the most durable and high quality roofing options. The classy beauty that slate roofs brings to houses and their healthy environmental impact makes slate roofs a no brainer. An investment on a slate roof is money put to proper use and you will definitely be rewarded with longevity.