In photography, it is a fact that lighting can show different feelings and perception in just one same subject through the changes in light. It is the same in real life. Lighting can affect the overall ambiance and look of an interior. This is why stylist or even just home makers put so much effort in finding the best light that would show the character of a certain place.

New types of interior lighting (3)

As time goes by, more and more types and ways of lighting our interiors are being explored. It is good that there are many ways to choose from as it helps us decide which one works best for us. Here are six new types of interior lighting that you may help you light up the ambiance, literally.

1. Pendant Light – A beautiful way to light up different places inside a vicinity is through hanging different kinds of lights. This could work individually for small coverage and could also work in multiples for aesthetic purposes and wider light coverage. Common examples are hanging light bulbs in restaurants, libraries and cafés. Can also be used at home to highlight certain areas such as terraces and dining area.

2. Floor Lightings – This is a new trend that has been going. Instead of table lamps, floor lamps are now being used for dim lighting purposes. Aside that it is stylish, it can also light up other areas most table lamps wont because of the shadow from the top surface. However, this may not always work for some places especially if there are children lurking around as it may be unsafe for them.

3. Wall Decors Light – If you are the one who leans more on the aesthetic side, this is the one for you. Wall decors are now being incorporated with lights to produce extra accents for walls. It can also help highlight a certain place and again, it is so stylish some may never figure it is actually a light.

4. Bigger Lights – Chandeliers as we all thought are only used in places in big interiors, but not anymore. Bigger lights like chandeliers and stand lights are now braving smaller areas and actually works wonderfully! It will still of course depend on how you are going to incorporate it in the over all look of the interior, but with a little twist here and there, they are the new “in”!

5. Led Lights In between spaces – Have you ever wish there’s a light for places that most basic lighting doesn’t reach? Here’s the solution for easier way of finding that pair of earrings as this new type of interior lighting put led lights in different places you might not think of. Places such as in between steps, under the kitchen counter, at the back of refrigerators, and many more. This is built to help light up all possible places in an interior.

6. Geometric lights – This style is totally winning the 2018’s most popular type of lighting. It may be as simple as a led light formed in to any geometric shape, geometric shape lamps, chandeliers, pendants and many more. This is as flexible as it can be. As minimalistic as it may seem, it can be as stylish and innovative.

There are more types of lighting we can choose depending on our interior. It is also helpful to know if you will be needing ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting. At the end, you can always customize depending on your preference, what matters most is that it gives you comfort, and you have the freedom to change it whenever you like.

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