Paint your staircaseIf you want to save money and repaint a staircase in your home yourself, you can do it. You do not need to learn any special techniques or tricks. Just assemble the primer, paint, sandpaper, paintbrushes, rollers, dropcloths and tape. Then, follow these steps to repaint your stairs.

You do not have to remove the existing paint but you may want to check with a professional to see if repainting over the existing painted wood is all right. If you need to you will have to strip the existing paint before you move on to the task of repainting the staircase.

When the paint has been stripped, sand the wood down using the sandpaper. Clean any existing paint that can remain by using sandpaper.

Make sure you use a primer that is suited to the wood on your staircase. Set up your ladder to make it easy to paint the outsides of the staircase. To prime the stairwell, you will want to use a long-handled extension brush. If it does not reach you can create a makeshift scaffolding by setting up two ladders and clamping a wood plank between the ladders’ two steps.

You can move the clamped wood as you need to from one ladder step to the next as you move down the staircase. Priming and painting should be done from the top to the bottom.

Before you get ready to paint use the tape to mask the steps. Cover them with butcher paper and tape the paper down. You will want to use a trim brush to paint the handrail first. Make sure you get at all the surfaces and follow the wood grain.

To keep any paint from the rails dripping on the balusters, use a damp cloth to wipe up spatters as you go. Even though you are painting the same color you do not want the spatters to dry and form lumps. If you are using a different color, make sure you mask very carefully before painting the rails.

Once these areas are done you can paint the treads and then the steps. A painter’s trick is to do one step and let the next go unpainted. This way, you can use the unpainted steps to stand on as you work your way down. Once they dry, go back up and paint the rest.

You will take pride in painting your own staircase. It is easy to do when you follow the above steps.