The Benefits Of Slate Roofs

Many homeowners are often faced with a dilemma when making the choice on the roofing material to use for their home. Knowing the material to use for a durable and beautiful roof is vital. Slate roofs are still one of the most popular options used on residential and commercial properties. A slate roof is made of stone that comes from sedimentary rock which is then cut into shingles. Slate roofing has been considered the gold standard and its benefits are plenty.

benefits of slate roofs

1. Extremely durable

Everyone wants a durable roof and slate roofs guarantee that. Their lifespan is approximated at 100 to 125 years if maintained well. Slate is a homogeneous metamorphic rock extracted from sedimentary rock therefore the material is millions of years old. The material is tough and thus you can expect slate roofs to last over the long haul.

2. Beautiful
A properly done slate roof is a stunning thing to behold. Most people are actually attracted to slate due to its high aesthetic appeal. Natural slate is available in shades such as green, black, purple etc. In addition, slate roofs come in varying styles ranging from textural installations to mixed patterns. Slate is also available in various multi-dimensional shapes. A combination of different shapes, colors and textures to match your architectural style and exterior color palette brings out an eye catching contemporary design.

3. Requires little maintenance

The cost of maintaining slate roofs is minimal. They require little care after installation. Any tile that gets damaged or broken can be replaced or repaired.

4. Eco-friendly
Roofing waste forms a substantial part of waste sent to landfills every year. For instance asphalt requires replacing after a couple of decades. Waste is reduced by choosing slate due to its longer lifespan. Slate roofs are sustainable and do not come at the expense of the environment.

5. Withstand the elements
Slate roofs are hugely resilient when faced by extreme fire or water. Due its low water absorption rate slate is not affected by rains. Slate tiles are fireproof and will not catch fire. Slate roofs do not rot over time, furthermore insects cannot cause serious damage on them.

Slate roofs are one of the most durable and high quality roofing options. The classy beauty that slate roofs brings to houses and their healthy environmental impact makes slate roofs a no brainer. An investment on a slate roof is money put to proper use and you will definitely be rewarded with longevity.

Epoxy Floors and Their Different Uses

The type of floor that you choose often turns out to be a deciding factor on how the property looks. Of course, different people have different criteria – some want their floors to look classy which is why they choose wooden floors while many others want the floor to be durable so that they don’t have to invest on it every now and then. When it comes to durability, there are no better floors than epoxy floors. Epoxy is basically sealant that seals concrete floors. The coating is generally applied on the floors of commercial buildings or warehouses or factories because these areas tend to have a much higher traffic than in your house. In addition to withstanding higher traffic, there are many more uses of epoxy floors that you may not be aware of. Here they are given below:

• Provides a lot of strength – the epoxy coating gets converted to solid polymer and once that happens, it makes the floor super-strong. This prevents any kind of damage due to chemical breakdown.

• Safe from all aspects – epoxy floors can withstand extreme temperature, they are resistant to slippage, the coating is fire-resistant and will not be affected when there is too much of heat around, and it is easy to walk on.

• Low maintenance – most of the other floors that you see like wooden or marble or tiles, have to be maintained every week or month. Their longevity depends on the amount of maintenance they get from time to time. Epoxy floors are different. They do not require any maintenance at all. Since there are no pores on the floor after the sealant gets solidified, you will not have to worry about frequent maintenance.

• Durability – these floors last longer than any other floor. Their ability to withstand daily wear and tear make them last longer and it also becomes a money-saver after a few years. If you have wooden floors, you will understand how expensive the upkeep is and the wood does not last for years. You have to invest again on a different floor. But when you are getting an epoxy floor, you can be assured that it will last for a long time without having to think of reinstallation or maintenance.

Epoxy floor uses

There are many flooring contractors who will readily agree to install an epoxy floor in your property. With so many benefits under its belt, it is only a matter of time before you are convinced to choose this floor over others.

How to Paint A Staircase

Paint your staircaseIf you want to save money and repaint a staircase in your home yourself, you can do it. You do not need to learn any special techniques or tricks. Just assemble the primer, paint, sandpaper, paintbrushes, rollers, dropcloths and tape. Then, follow these steps to repaint your stairs.

You do not have to remove the existing paint but you may want to check with a professional to see if repainting over the existing painted wood is all right. If you need to you will have to strip the existing paint before you move on to the task of repainting the staircase.

When the paint has been stripped, sand the wood down using the sandpaper. Clean any existing paint that can remain by using sandpaper.

Make sure you use a primer that is suited to the wood on your staircase. Set up your ladder to make it easy to paint the outsides of the staircase. To prime the stairwell, you will want to use a long-handled extension brush. If it does not reach you can create a makeshift scaffolding by setting up two ladders and clamping a wood plank between the ladders’ two steps.

You can move the clamped wood as you need to from one ladder step to the next as you move down the staircase. Priming and painting should be done from the top to the bottom.

Before you get ready to paint use the tape to mask the steps. Cover them with butcher paper and tape the paper down. You will want to use a trim brush to paint the handrail first. Make sure you get at all the surfaces and follow the wood grain.

To keep any paint from the rails dripping on the balusters, use a damp cloth to wipe up spatters as you go. Even though you are painting the same color you do not want the spatters to dry and form lumps. If you are using a different color, make sure you mask very carefully before painting the rails.

Once these areas are done you can paint the treads and then the steps. A painter’s trick is to do one step and let the next go unpainted. This way, you can use the unpainted steps to stand on as you work your way down. Once they dry, go back up and paint the rest.

You will take pride in painting your own staircase. It is easy to do when you follow the above steps.

What Is A House Roof Made Of And Which Material Should You Go With?

what_is_a_house_roof_made_of__Know_Your_Material_Choices_For_Roofing_And_What_s_On_Your_HomeRoofs are made of different types of materials. Often, homeowners don’t closely consider their choices because of asphalt shingles being the norm. Asphalt shingles are great, and it’s important to understand that there are different options with them, too. You want to be economical about which type of roof you choose for your home, but identifying your options certainly does help.

You often hear about clay and concrete roofing options referred to as tiles. Yet you might also hear them called clay and concrete shingles. The same thing goes for wood shingles, which are a little different than a wood shake roof. As you can see, it’s important to know not just the materials but all of your options pertaining to those materials.

Slate roofs are said to be the best, but most homeowners don’t go that route. There are plenty of reasons for that being the case. First, slate roofs being the best means they are also the most expensive. Second, slate is heavy, and it’s not right for every home. Third, some homeowners are not looking to buy a new roof that lasts that long depending on their age, finances and even how long they plan to remain in a home.

While you want to pick a good roof, any type of roof material should come with a warranty that lasts for at least a couple decades. Many people are moving in and out of homes every five years these days. It’s hard to know sometimes what you’re going to do because there are many types of situations that come up. Take relocation for instance.

Sometimes people have a better idea of what their future holds. Anyways, those are just some things to think about as you make a material choice for the roof on your home. I suppose my insight was based on the fact that I’m old enough to remember when people stayed in homes much longer. It’s nice when you keep the same home for a period of years.

You can protect that home for many years with the right roofing material choice, too. Think in terms of what you want to put on your home when it comes to a roof. Do you want to go with asphalt shingles? Maybe you’re considering clay or metal or a different material. Think about what would be the best investment in terms of the right roofing material for your home.

Article by Roof Restoration North Brisbane

New, Stylish And Highlighting Interior Lighting

In photography, it is a fact that lighting can show different feelings and perception in just one same subject through the changes in light. It is the same in real life. Lighting can affect the overall ambiance and look of an interior. This is why stylist or even just home makers put so much effort in finding the best light that would show the character of a certain place.

New types of interior lighting (3)

As time goes by, more and more types and ways of lighting our interiors are being explored. It is good that there are many ways to choose from as it helps us decide which one works best for us. Here are six new types of interior lighting that you may help you light up the ambiance, literally.

1. Pendant Light – A beautiful way to light up different places inside a vicinity is through hanging different kinds of lights. This could work individually for small coverage and could also work in multiples for aesthetic purposes and wider light coverage. Common examples are hanging light bulbs in restaurants, libraries and cafés. Can also be used at home to highlight certain areas such as terraces and dining area.

2. Floor Lightings – This is a new trend that has been going. Instead of table lamps, floor lamps are now being used for dim lighting purposes. Aside that it is stylish, it can also light up other areas most table lamps wont because of the shadow from the top surface. However, this may not always work for some places especially if there are children lurking around as it may be unsafe for them.

3. Wall Decors Light – If you are the one who leans more on the aesthetic side, this is the one for you. Wall decors are now being incorporated with lights to produce extra accents for walls. It can also help highlight a certain place and again, it is so stylish some may never figure it is actually a light.

4. Bigger Lights – Chandeliers as we all thought are only used in places in big interiors, but not anymore. Bigger lights like chandeliers and stand lights are now braving smaller areas and actually works wonderfully! It will still of course depend on how you are going to incorporate it in the over all look of the interior, but with a little twist here and there, they are the new “in”!

5. Led Lights In between spaces – Have you ever wish there’s a light for places that most basic lighting doesn’t reach? Here’s the solution for easier way of finding that pair of earrings as this new type of interior lighting put led lights in different places you might not think of. Places such as in between steps, under the kitchen counter, at the back of refrigerators, and many more. This is built to help light up all possible places in an interior.

6. Geometric lights – This style is totally winning the 2018’s most popular type of lighting. It may be as simple as a led light formed in to any geometric shape, geometric shape lamps, chandeliers, pendants and many more. This is as flexible as it can be. As minimalistic as it may seem, it can be as stylish and innovative.

There are more types of lighting we can choose depending on our interior. It is also helpful to know if you will be needing ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting. At the end, you can always customize depending on your preference, what matters most is that it gives you comfort, and you have the freedom to change it whenever you like.

For great interior light options visit the friendly team at Electrician Geelong.

Roofing And Ladder Safety Tips That You Need To Know

Roofing and Ladder Safety (1)Roofing and ladder safety is of the utmost importance because you don’t want to have an accident. Ladders are required to access roofs, and for the most part, you want that type of job to remain in the hands of professionals. While that may be true, there are many reasons why homeowners end up scaling ladders to reach their roofs.

If you are planning to do that, you need to make sure you definitely follow safety guidelines. It’s more than just about climbing a secure ladder. You need the right size ladder, and you need the right shoes for being on your roof. What is the reason you plan on getting up there?

Maybe you plan to get up there just to clean off the roof. Be careful, and here are some safety tips to make sure that you end up handling the ladder correctly. For example, you always want to use two hands, and you want to make sure that you actually use the 3 point contact rule, too.

What is the 3 point contact rule? It is all about making sure that you have both hands and at least one foot on the ladder at all times. The 3 point contact rule doesn’t apply to having two feet and one hand on the ladder. It has to be both feet.

You also need to know ladder ratings. You want to pick the right ladder to use for climbing up to your roof. It needs to be able to extend three feet past the rooftop. That means that you will have three rungs at the top of the ladder that are above the roof, and they are used to help you step up there.

You want to be sure that you’re never carrying any tools either. When you need to bring tools up to the rooftop, you use a tool belt. The ladder needs to be secure and free of debris as well. Keep in mind that the rooftop can be slippery, and you want to be sure that you keep hold of the ladder.

Those are some safety rules for ladder use when you are making your way up to the roof. You want to be sure you are safe at all times. It’s important to know all of the rules, not just some of them. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you climb a ladder to get on your roof.

What Is A Split Air Conditioning System

All of us enjoy coming home to a cool refreshing house during the summer humidity and heat. However, not everyone is fortunate to have a central air conditioning system, many individuals resort to window units. Even if there aren’t many places at your home to accommodate a window unit, you can still manage to enjoy the coolness of an air-conditioning unit with that of a split system.

What is a Split System Air Conditioning

In case you’re wondering what is a split unit, well, split unit air conditioners consist of two main parts being the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Outdoor units are typically placed near or on a wall on the outside of the are you are seeking to cool. This unit is composed of a condenser coil, the expansion coil or in some cases capillary tubing and of course the condenser. And, the indoor unit holds a long blower, the cooling coil and an air filter.

When compared to other units, split units do not require any long or complicated installation. This is simply due to the fact that they do not need a duct system in place. Instead, they just simply need both the outdoor and indoor units to be connected to your electric supply. In turn, this not only saves you some extra money but it also has an impact on the environment.

As we previously mentioned that there is no need for a duct system, well, this reduces your cost when it comes to high energy consumptions. This is mainly due to traditional units losing a significant amount of energy as a result of the heat exchange which occurs within the duct system. So, since you would potentially not have one if you installed a split unit, your heat losses are minimal.

There are also several benefits associated with the use of a split air conditioning system. The most common is that of the almost silent operation of the system. When this system is in use, the only noise heard comes from the fan and the compressor, and, both of these components are located outside the space being cooled, so no noise is heard from the inside. In addition, you can actually get a multi-split system, these are those where you have multiple indoor units which are connected to the same outdoor unit; because of this, you can therefore cool multiple rooms or even maintain the temp in one large room with multiple indoor units.

As we conclude we have just looked at what exactly is a split air-conditioning system. And, have also looked at the benefits of this particular system. In addition to these benefits, this system saves you more money in the long run.

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Gutters, Gutters, Gutters

Welcome to our website and to our first blog. Here we hope to be as informative and helpful as possible with some of our insights and experiences with everything related to home improvements, buying homes, mortgages, investments – the lot.

Given the name of the website, we’ll be focusing mostly on gutters and information regarding new products, what’s in the works, home DIY projects but we’ll also be including lots of great articles on all other topics related to your home.

So lets get into it… First post is as you’d expect – about gutters.


Gutters have been around for a very long time and like everything else in life have evolved over the years. The earliest forms of gutters are thought to have dated back to the Indus Valley civilisation between 3000 BC and 1500 BC.

Traditionally, gutters have been important for two main reasons;

  1. They keep the rain water away from structural components of the building; and
  2. They collect rain water for subsequent use.

Keeping rainwater from critical components of the building is very important. It cannot be underestimated how damaging water can be at times. Water trickling off the roof down the walls and sides of buildings over time can be very detrimental to the building’s condition.

Collecting rain water for various purposes was and is another major advantage of guttering systems. Over time, it was only a logical procession to create a water storage facility that was fed by guttering systems from buildings. Water then could be used for washing, cooking, watering, drinking, etc.

Nowadays, guttering systems are somewhat taken for granted until they start causing problems. Typical issues with gutters include corrosion and blockages. Both requiring maintenance to either prevent or rectify.

Gutters that become filled with leaves and other debris will carry moisture that can take a very long time to dry out. In the days of metal gutters, this would allow corrosion to begin and accelerate very quickly this facilitating the need for regular maintenance in particular cleaning the debris out. These thankfully most gutters are made out of aluminium which helps to delay or prevent the corrosion process.

Debris build up in gutters poses another problem apart from corrosion – water blockage. This is an issue simply because blocked gutters will prevent the gutters from doing exactly what they were designed to do in the first place – drain or carry water away from the building. A blocked gutter will cause water to overflow, flooding areas of the house that could cause a lot of damage. This of course is further compounded in extremely heavy rains.

Another important consideration about debris-filled gutters – they can be a fire hazard. Consider gutters that are filled with dried out leaves, twigs and other combustable material how quickly they could ignite in the event of a nearby bushfire. In Australia, this has been a known problem for many years and householders are educated on the importance of cleaning out gutters in bushfire season.

There are many ways to help combat these problems and we will create further articles on topics such as gutter maintenance, gutter guard, and hiring roofing companies to inspect and help with gutter maintenance, or gutter replacements.